About Teresa Shishim

Teresa has designed and implemented online and print communication for businesses and nonprofits for over 15 years, developing a great reputation as a vector artist. Her diverse background includes industry and non-profit experience, software development, animal welfare, river restoration, energy efficiency, environmental consulting, and holistic healing. Each day she puts her creativity pants on, one leg at a time.

My Creativity Story + March ReCap

How I Jumped Off I'm posting a different kind of blog today- one that is on the more personal side. I'm sharing my creativity story, complete with drama about fear and self-doubt, and how I arrived at using my creativity to make a living. Before we dive into this month's recap, I'll divulge a list [...]

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Plant Labels to Inspire You

Itchy Green Thumb No, I don't have a weird gross disease. Its just that the days are getting a little longer, which always fills me with the notion that spring might just become a reality, after all. I'm always jumping the gun, but I figured that making plant labels to inspire you [...]

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How to Make a Paper Rose Like a Ninja

Ancient Sneaky Valentine Tradition... Just to keep you on your toes today, I'll be guiding you through how to make a paper rose like a ninja. You can use them to add a three dimensional aspect to a flat card to be delivered under the cover of darkness, or drop them like breadcrumbs [...]

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