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Improve productivity

Why Cultivate Creativity?

For many of us, taking work breaks often comes with a twinge of guilt. We’ve been taught that if you want to succeed, you have to work hard, experience sleep deprivation, and stay hopped up on caffeine. But improving productivity through taking a creative break is not “slacking.”

The truth is, breaks aren’t an indulgence or a sign of laziness—they’re absolutely essential to recharge certain parts of our brains. While activities like stretching or a short walk help rejuvenate our bodies throughout the day, creative breaks make ideas more available and actually improve productivity.

The Cultivate Creativity page is a place where you step away from your work for 15 minutes and enjoy quick activities that will help you reduce stress, express yourself and invigorate your thinking.

Cultivating your creativity makes you
more efficient 
in the long run.

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Benefits of a Work Break
Improve Health 37%
Boost Happiness 43%
Up Worker Satisfaction 59%
Increase Productivity 86%

Source: Staples Employee Survey

Join me here every week for a Creative Play Date

I’ll post a fun, easy project to get your creative juices flowing and help in improving productivity at work. I’d love to hear about how this benefits you and see photos and feedback on your projects, so check in often and please post in the comments.

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