Logos custom tailored for client success.

Sport Tournament Logo


Multiple fonts were used, including Sports World (thanks guys). Sport Tournament Logo Making a sport tournament logo for the First Colorado National Bank's basketball tournament was a fun, colorful experience in Adobe Illustrator. They needed an official logo for the event, as they have sponsored this all-school high school basketball tournament for boys and girls for the [...]

Wooden Logo


Wooden Logo The Kampe Foundation now has a wooden logo that tells the story of their family heritage, the healthy organic nature of their work, and the grounded solidity of their family foundation. This Latvian family funds community development, social justice, sustainable agriculture and environmental issues in the western United States. They wanted [...]

WPA Inspired Bread Logo



There is a new bread logo (and company) in town... Chris from Paonia Breadworks is opening shop and wanted a bread logo that was reminiscent of some of the old WPA-style artwork. That is 'Work Projects Administration' from the post-depression, put-you-back-to-work-feeding-our-country era. He loves orange (so do I!) and wanted our local West Elks skyline [...]

Broadcasting Logo


This fun 'forced connection' broadcasting logo for an annual conference helps the National Federation of Community Broadcasters reach their rural and non-traditional target members and provides a sense of inclusiveness.   Radio brings important news and information from afar, and no one understands that better than the the people who work for small radio stations. Riding on [...]

Starry Logo


Starry Logo When Dave Knutson at Orion Rising approached me to do his starry logo, I was reminded of how much I love my job. Dave wanted a logo that was striking, that would convey goodwill and respect, he liked blue, and it had to have a clean look. I got hoping on researching our local [...]