Place Promotion Poster

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Ad Campaign Design The North Fork Valley Creative Coalition, in partnership with multiple local organizations, received funding from the Colorado Tourism Office to promote and encourage visitors. I was ecstatic when they hired me to work on their poster, rack card and print ads. Local photographer Teya Cranson provided images of [...]

Hand Drawn Decorative

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A hand drawn decorative trend is blossoming in the design world. I sat down one day and made some doodles that ended up adding a fun, personal touch to the poster for a local festival. Hand Drawn Decorative Poster The Mountain Harvest Festival in Paonia is all about music, art, and of course locally grown [...]

TEDx Poster

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Western Colorado is filled with talent, amazing intellect, and passionate people. It was exciting to work on a TEDx poster, postcard, web header, and social media headers for TEDx Paonia and help create the look for the event with the simple red, white and black colors. The poster, postcard, and other promotional material reflects our [...]

Paradise Theatre Poster



I feel so fortunate to have been invited to work on the Paradise Theatre poster, timeline, and seating chart for their fundraising campaign. This iconic theatre represents a gathering place in the heart of the North Fork Valley, and as a non-profit, it is working to buy the building and new seats. Tying in the Art Deco and [...]